Murder Mystery Dinner West Virginia

Author: Murder Mystery Dinner  Date: 07 January 2021

What is required to run a Murder Mystery Dinner West Virginia?

A game from the below links.

A sense of humor.

Desire to dress up and act.

Love for good food and music!

What Murder Mystery Dinner Games Do You Have

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Download Only - Adult murder mystery games

Teenager murder mystery games

Mini Murder Mystery Dinner F.A.Q.

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    • What does one of your murder mystery dinner games cost? Click the game images above to see all our prices.
    • Do we need a dinner host? Up to you. Get one of the games above then hire a murder mystery host or run it yourself.
    • Are you available on the...? Click hire a murder mystery host. Contact the dinner hosts directly to check their availability.
    • Does everyone get a character or a roll? Yes they sure do.
    • How long does the game take to arrive? Our murder mystery party games contain between 100 and 300 items to make your party fabulous. You get them instantly as they are downloadable.
    • Can I ask some questions? Yes, please click "Contact Us" button above.

Should I hold a mystery dinner or a standard dinner party?

A murder mystery event is the perfect example of a team-building exercise, with friends, family or colleagues coming together and solving a mystery by working together and trusting each other's judgments. It's also ideal as it targets a wide range of people and has something for everyone to enjoy.

How should I decorate for a murder mystery dinner party?

Simple but classy décor can give your party an edge. Everyday items could give your venue that extra touch – broken glasses, muddy footsteps, bloody handprint on the wall, over turned tables etc. This is THE party, how about you go all out! Decorating your stage will give your guests a lifetime experience that they will talk about for weeks on end.

Where in West Virginia can I host murder mystery dinner?

When planning for a venue, think of:



Surrounding – you need a relatively quiet place for discussion.

Parking or proximity to the public transport stations

What is a great murder mystery wine?

Choose from a selection of White wine (Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc) or Red wine (Cabernet Franc, Rosé d’Anjou or Cabernet d’Anjou) or any other signature cocktails.

What is the best murder mystery dinner party game?

All our games are thrilling! If you are new to our page, please get our Caribbean Cruise and then Wild West in that order - from the pirates to cowboys and cowgirls!

Can you have a murder mystery dinner for kids?

Children can play-act from a script or character clues, gather other clues, and attempt to solve a mystery. Some of our games involve murders for older teens to solve. Since all our games come with a set of instructions for the party host, it's easier to organize and prepare for than other types of home parties. Click on the above links to get a game for the kids and be a cool mum/dad!

What do you think about a 1920s murder mystery dinner party in [location]?

The fact that we have Tracy Gang 1920s Murder Mystery Game should tell you something – that this is a stunning theme! This kind of theme will give your guests a reason to go back to 1920’s. As a host, play music from this era, serve meals from 1920’s and encourage your guests to dress up!

Can the host play in the mystery dinner party?

Of course the person throwing the party can play! S/he should however NOT read the full clues or else they’ll spoil the mystery for themselves!

Is this a murder mystery dinner show?

Nope! It is an amazing game in which everyone plays a part.

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