Murder Mystery Dinner Washington

Author: Murder Mystery Dinner  Date: 06 January 2021

What happens in a murder mystery dinner party?

Guests play as characters in a story where they have to solve a fictional murder, which happens during the party. They will have time to investigate and one player will be the murderer while others find out who killed the victim, but also why and how.

What Murder Mystery Dinner Games Do You Have

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Mini Murder Mystery Dinner F.A.Q.

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    • Does everyone get a character or a roll? Yes they sure do.
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Why should be we get murder mystery dinner party Washington?

You are breaking the norm and giving your guests unique memories! It is exciting to be able to unleash our normally suppressed tendencies, without suffering any guilt. Your guests will enjoy being other people for one night and will each bring their own unique flavor to the character they play, which helps to create new in-jokes and hilarious dynamics that you’ll still be laughing about for weeks on end!

Will my guests enjoy being dinner detectives?

We are sure they will! For the last 30 years, our games have transformed normal parties to a show of magnificence! The theatrics and challenges with all our games have had many hooked!

Can you hold a murder mystery dinner on a train?

Yes! These dinners with a fictional murder can be held anywhere – train, boat, plane! The point of this party is to let loose and have fun! Whatever the venue, the atmosphere should be relaxed and enjoyable.

What is the difference between murder mystery dinner party and clue themed dinner?

A murder mystery dinner party is an interactive themed dinner while a clue themed dinner is a board game.

Are your games like a Maggiano's murder mystery dinner?

In a way, except that you can have your own mystery dinner party anywhere!

Can kids participate in this kind of party?

Yes the can! We have games that are toned down for younger players and have a non-deadly mystery to solve. This kind of party is easy to organize and prepare for than other types of home parties. Be prepared to supervise the party from behind the scenes to make sure the kids understand the flow of events from reading the script to acting out the parts to solving the mystery.

What do you think about a 1920s murder mystery dinner party in Washington?

Your guests will thank you for giving them a reason to go back to the 1920s. This kind of party will be a great idea as guests will come to the dinner as in the ‘20s. Have a few accessories like hats, wigs or fake mustaches in case anyone shows up without a proper costume.

What is your best murder mystery dinner recipe idea?

Food that follows the party theme makes things all that much more fun. Just because you’re looking for a murderer, doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy fine dining at the same time. You can provide dinner and hors d’oeuvres to your murder mystery guests.

What is the secret to planning a successful murder mystery dinner party in the The Evergreen State?

Give each person their character information well in advance of the party, so that they have plenty of time to prepare a costume.

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