Murder Mystery Dinner Ohio

Author: Murder Mystery Dinner  Date: 24 December 2020

Why you should get Murder Mystery Dinner Ohio, TODAY!!

You get to go back to a world of make-believe and really indulge like you did when you were a child. Inviting your friends to a novel event will also go a long way to creating some social momentum and adding value to your friendship circles! So, what are you waiting for? Get a game from the links below!

What Murder Mystery Dinner Games Do You Have

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Teenager murder mystery games

Mini Murder Mystery Dinner F.A.Q.

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    • What does one of your murder mystery dinner games cost? Click the game images above to see all our prices.
    • Do we need a dinner host? Up to you. Get one of the games above then hire a murder mystery host or run it yourself.
    • Are you available on the...? Click hire a murder mystery host. Contact the dinner hosts directly to check their availability.
    • Does everyone get a character or a roll? Yes they sure do.
    • How long does the game take to arrive? Our murder mystery party games contain between 100 and 300 items to make your party fabulous. You get them instantly as they are downloadable.
    • Can I ask some questions? Yes, please click "Contact Us" button above.

Where can I host a mystery dinner party?

The edition you choose may dictate the location or venue that works best. You can choose to host it in your home, office, rented space or have an outdoor party!

I can see you have a Dinner Edition and a Premium Edition murder mystery game. Which should I get?

Something to consider when picking an edition is the amount of guests you plan on inviting. Each game will come with a set amount of characters so you need guests for each one. We will provide background information for each guest about their character, costume ideas, how to decorate and will come with everything you need to run a successful dinner. Remember the kind of game you choose will dictate the location or venue that works best in its case.

What is your best murder mystery dinner recipe idea?

Hosting a themed murder mystery dinner gives you the motivation to get back into the kitchen and creates the momentum to put those Masterchef-inspired culinary skills into practice. Choose a dinner menu that can be cooking during Round One and be ready to go at the start of Round Two! Dishes such as lasagna, roasts, roasted chicken, etc., work perfectly for mystery dinners.

Why we know your guests will enjoy being dinner detectives.

The make-believe world will provide the perfect ice breaker - even strangers will be talking, laughing and scheming like the best of friends in no time.

How should I decorate for a murder mystery dinner party?

Nothing says murder like a fresh crime scene. Keep the decorations simple yet classy. Crime scene tapes, bloody handprints, a knocked over table lamp etc., can give your guests a much better time when you "set the scene" with decorations.

Are your games like a Clue themed dinner party?

No, our games are interactive. To solve the murder mystery, you’ll need to work with other guests to gather important clues. Here, you are the stars running your own show!

Can the host play in the mystery dinner party?

Of course the person throwing the party can play! S/he should NOT read the full clues or the full story lest they’ll spoil the mystery for themselves!

What is the best murder mystery dinner party game?

For a team building event, our Farming Fatality is an awesome farming and chemical themed murder mystery game. It would be perfect for fun or a staff or safety training day. Facebook Fatality is the perfect theme for modern or lovers of tech.

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