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Author: Murder Mystery Dinner  Date: 30 September 2023

Why should you have a murder mystery dinner?

Who said parties have to be wild and unruly? In this kind of game, participants have to be alert and clear headed for the whole duration of the game. Here, you sharpen your wits and are allowed to go into a world of crime and murder and come out unscathed.

What Murder Mystery Dinner Games Do You Have

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Mini Murder Mystery Dinner F.A.Q.

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    • Do we need a dinner host? Up to you. Get one of the games above then hire a murder mystery host or run it yourself.
    • Are you available on the...? Click hire a murder mystery host. Contact the dinner hosts directly to check their availability.
    • Does everyone get a character or a roll? Yes they sure do.
    • How long does the game take to arrive? Our murder mystery party games contain between 100 and 300 items to make your party fabulous. You get them instantly as they are downloadable.
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Why your event will never be the same.

You have the chosen the best supplier of murder mystery games anywhere. From 1990, our mission has been to ensure you get everything you need to make your party stand out. Our download editions cater for all – adults, teenagers and kids. Of course the kids’ parties will not include murder (we are smart like that). You will get over 200 items for that killer party. We know of many who have safely and successfully played our games and they all managed quite well by following the instructions provided.

What do I do now to organize my murder mystery party in New Mexico?

Buy a murder mystery game, Find a host, friend, family or a professional host, Organize and run your party. We are a phone call away if you need extra guidance.

Are the games like a Clue themed dinner party?

No, our games are interactive with a mysterious murder at the center of the story. Your guests must work together to figure out who is behind the murders.

What is the best murder mystery dinner party game?

You can never go wrong with our Serial Slaughter and Tracy Gang 1920s Murder Mystery Game. Enjoy getting lost in a world of mysteries, death and mayhem!

Can I host a murder mystery dinner party at home?

Yes you can. It is free and has no time constraints. Your guests can even stick around for a little while after the party to discuss the script with you.

What is your best murder mystery dinner recipe idea?

Dishes such as lasagna, roasted chicken, mushrooms or mini pizzas can work perfectly for mystery dinners.

Should the guests dress up in costumes?

We hope you do. It is not mandatory but we want your party to be one of a kind! With early preparation, guests can look for costumes that will fit their character.

Should we decorate our venue?

Decoration will be useful for getting the mood right. For example, for a Harry Potter theme, you can prepare some floating candles, owl balloons, home-made scarves and robes.

A Mesmeric Murder Mystery Dinner in New Mexico

Welcome to an immersive journey where the charm of the Southwest meets the intrigue of a classic whodunit. We invite you to experience our Murder Mystery Dinner in the enchanting landscapes of New Mexico. Picture an evening filled with suspense, laughter, and delicious cuisine, as you become part of an unfolding mystery set against the backdrop of the Land of Enchantment.

The Magic of the Southwest

Step into a world where ancient cultures and modern mystique converge. New Mexico, with its breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural tapestry, provides the perfect setting for an unforgettable Murder Mystery Dinner. The mystique of the desert, the allure of adobe architecture, and the vibrant colors of the Southwest form the canvas upon which our thrilling narratives unfold.

Whodunit with a Southwestern Twist

Our Murder Mystery Dinners are not just about solving crimes; they're about immersing yourself in a narrative that weaves together the traditions of the Southwest with the suspense of a classic mystery. From the moment you arrive, you'll find yourself transported to a world where every cactus hides a clue and every gust of wind whispers secrets.

Culinary Delights Inspired by the Desert

Indulgence takes center stage at our Murder Mystery Dinners, with a menu inspired by the flavors of the Southwest. Savor mouthwatering dishes crafted from locally sourced ingredients, each bite a journey through the robust and diverse culinary landscape of New Mexico. From green chile-infused appetizers to tantalizing entrées, our culinary offerings complement the richness of the experience.

Dynamic Themes for Every Occasion

Whether you're celebrating a birthday, hosting a corporate event, or planning a unique date night, our Murder Mystery Dinners offer a variety of dynamic themes to suit every occasion. Choose from narratives that blend Native American folklore with suspenseful twists, or opt for a modern tale set against the backdrop of the vibrant city of Santa Fe. Our themes promise a captivating experience tailored to your preferences.

Theatrical Excellence in the Desert

We take pride in delivering not just an event but a theatrical performance that captivates and entertains. Our professional actors, well-versed in the art of mystery, bring characters to life with flair and authenticity. As you unravel the plot, expect to be dazzled by the talent that seamlessly combines immersive storytelling with the unique energy of the Southwest.

Unforgettable Venues in the Heart of New Mexico

Every Murder Mystery Dinner is hosted in carefully selected venues that amplify the enchantment of New Mexico. Whether it's an intimate gathering in a historic adobe building or a grand affair in a contemporary event space with panoramic views of the desert, our venues are chosen to enhance the overall experience. Uncover the secrets of the Southwest as you explore these unique settings.

An Interactive Adventure

Curious about how our Murder Mystery Dinners unfold? Prepare to be an active participant in the investigation. Upon arrival, you'll be assigned a character and provided with essential information to navigate the unfolding story. Engage with other participants, interrogate suspects, and collaborate to solve the mystery. It's not just a dinner; it's an interactive adventure that guarantees a night of laughter, suspense, and camaraderie.

Tailored Packages for Every Celebration

Recognizing that each event is unique, we offer customizable packages to ensure your Murder Mystery Dinner is a perfect fit. From personalized menus to special accommodations, our team works closely with you to create an experience that exceeds your expectations. Whether it's an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, we have the expertise to make your event truly exceptional.

Seamless Booking Experience

Ready to embark on a journey of mystery and merriment? Booking your Murder Mystery Dinner in New Mexico is a straightforward process with our user-friendly online reservation system. Select your preferred date, theme, and package with ease. Have specific requests or questions? Our dedicated customer service team is here to assist, ensuring that your experience, from booking to the final curtain call, is seamless and enjoyable.


Embark on a night of mystery, laughter, and culinary delights with our Murder Mystery Dinner themes in New Mexico. From the captivating landscapes of the Southwest to the immersive storytelling and culinary excellence, our events promise an experience like no other. Get your theme now and get ready to unravel the mysteries of the Southwest in an evening that combines the magic of the desert with the thrill of solving a crime. Join us as we redefine entertainment, one mystery at a time, in the heart of the Land of Enchantment!

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