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Author: Murder Mystery Dinner  Date: 21 October 2023

I have never hosted a murder mystery dinner before. What are they like?

They are an impressive way to bring your team together over dinner while working towards catching the fictitious killer. From the moment your event starts, your party room will whisk you and your guests to another world. You are about to become a murder suspect and so is everyone else playing this game. Before the night is over, you’ll need to determine how, when, and why the murder occurred. You are going to have such a killer time!

What Murder Mystery Dinner Games Do You Have

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Mini Murder Mystery Dinner F.A.Q.

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    • What does one of your murder mystery dinner games cost? Click the game images above to see all our prices.
    • Do we need a dinner host? Up to you. Get one of the games above then hire a murder mystery host or run it yourself.
    • Are you available on the...? Click hire a murder mystery host. Contact the dinner hosts directly to check their availability.
    • Does everyone get a character or a roll? Yes they sure do.
    • How long does the game take to arrive? Our murder mystery party games contain between 100 and 300 items to make your party fabulous. You get them instantly as they are downloadable.
    • Can I ask some questions? Yes, please click "Contact Us" button above.

Should I hold a mystery dinner or a standard dinner party?

Our murder mystery dinners promise you an unforgettable evening of excitement, intrigue and surprises. The best part is that the action takes place right at your own dinner table. Be a cool host and have your Murder Mystery Dinner Guam today.

How can I organize my Guam murder mystery party?

Start by ordering a game from our selection above. Our games are very popular as they can be customized for home parties, team building events, celebrations etc. Once you have your game, send out the invites to prepare participants on their role and costume suggestions. You can then choose the venue and decide who will host the game. And you are set!

What should I expect in a Murder Mystery Dinner Party?

If you have never participated in a murder mystery party game before, the concept can seem a bit strange or a little intimidating. This is super easy. Even with no acting experience, you and your friends can enjoy this fun filled murder mystery game! You will love the sordid mysteries that these games involve. If you have been invited, find out from the host if you are required to wear a costume. Arrive early and do not discuss your character with anyone, lest you spoil the game. In the game, talk to people but only share general information about you. Do not assume anyone. Eavesdrop if you can-wisely though. Go with the flow, enjoy and see if you can get the murderer (or if they get you).

How do I select a murder mystery theme?

Look for a theme that you think your guests would enjoy. Role-playing characters from a different time period, background or geographical location is one of the most exciting elements of hosting a mystery party. Much of the night revolves around the theme, and we have a variety of options to choose from! Go the extra mile and throw costumes into the mix for a fully immersive theatrical experience!

Why have a murder mystery party Guam?

You will be shocked at just how blackmailing your friends is so much fun!

It is a great way to meet new people – guests will have to go up to each other and talk in the search to find the murderer or achieve their goals.

If you have trouble with striking a conversation, our interactive murder mystery games will provide you with a ready-made topic – before, during and after the games.

What is the best type of venue?

No matter the venue, we know you’ll have a great night of theatrical fun. Everyone will be dying for another invite after you host an event using our instructions. Your venue should be anywhere with a bit of space. A big shed, backyard, training room at work or a lounge room.

Are the games suitable for teenagers?

A murder mystery party is a great way to introduce children or teens with a keen interest in the dramatic arts to the basics of acting and role-playing. Other skills that could be improved include improvisation, reading and following a script, and playing a character. Click on a game under Kid/Teenager party games and find out more.

How should I decorate for a murder mystery dinner party?

Think of your murder mystery party as a play and your venue is the stage. You therefore need to decorate it like it’s a set. Gather a few props and decorations that will set the appropriate mood for your guests. Some of our games come with background music or sound effects that can be played at specific moments in the game.

What is the best murder mystery dinner party game?

Our Tracy Gang 1920s Murder Mystery Game and Tokyo Terror Murder Mystery Game are among the most ordered themes. If you have specific questions about these and other themes, please reach out directly by clicking on ‘Contact Us’ above.

Immerse Yourself in Intrigue: Unveil the Magic of Murder Mystery Dinner Themes in Guam

Welcome to an extraordinary world where suspense meets gastronomy, and every bite is seasoned with intrigue! Our Murder Mystery Dinner Themes in Guam promise an unparalleled experience that transcends the boundaries of ordinary dining. Prepare to be captivated by an evening of mystery, laughter, and culinary delights as we unveil a collection of themes designed to transform your dinner into an unforgettable adventure.

The Allure of Murder Mystery Dinners

Embark on a journey where the line between reality and fiction blurs, and every guest becomes a detective. Murder Mystery Dinners are the perfect fusion of entertainment and cuisine, offering a unique and interactive experience that engages all your senses. Imagine a theatrical performance unfolding around you as you savor delectable dishes – an experience like no other.

The Enchantment of Guam

Guam, with its lush landscapes and warm tropical breeze, provides an enchanting backdrop for our Murder Mystery Dinners. Whether you're a local resident or a visitor, immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and embrace the allure of the Pacific. Our themes are crafted to complement the island's charm, creating an ambiance that transports you into a world of mystery and excitement.

Themes That Transcend Time and Space

Dive into our diverse collection of Murder Mystery Dinner Themes, each carefully curated to suit various tastes and preferences. From classic whodunits set in glamorous eras to contemporary thrillers with a tropical twist, our themes promise to transport you to different worlds while keeping you on the edge of your seat.

  • Hippie Homicide 1960s Murder Mystery Game
  • Daisy Chain is a lost soul that believes that peace and love will solve all the world's ills. It seems however that this isn't enough because when she takes the brown acid she falls dead in the mud. The circumstances are definitely suspicious. Relive the joy of Woodstock and the amazing 1960s
  • NFL Annihilation
  • There has been a terrible, chemically induced murder and the police are hot on the case. The clues they can find involve deceit, supplements, injections and poisoning. It is the Super Bowl game between the Dallas Slowboys and the New York Dwarves. Half time is over and the third quarter siren sounds. Just at that moment The Coach drops dead in front of a TV audience of 800 million people. Was it murder, poisoning or a heart attack? Given that this is a murder mystery website I am pretty sure it was murder. Gaaaaasp!
  • Soap Opera Slaughter
  • It is the final scene and the final day of shooting for the TV soap Devotions. Its long run has come to an end and this final season and scene will ensure that Devotions joins Dallas, Dynasty and the Santa Barbara as history's best soaps. Devotions will live in infamy that is for sure as the last day of filming will lead to rage, tantrums and a truly murderous outcome.
  • Disney Disaster
  • Since Walt Disney's death in 1966, the use of computer animation has only grown until today, almost no cartoons are hand drawn. As a result, tempers flare and a rift has formed between the hand drawn and the computer generated characters. People get eaten, gizzards are splayed and there are many poisoning attempts. Several people get killed and it becomes quite a mess. I'm not sure Tinkerbell is all that innocent either.

The Culinary Symphony

Our Murder Mystery Dinners not only stimulate the mind but also tantalize the taste buds. Our culinary team, masters of their craft, has designed a menu that complements each theme, ensuring a symphony of flavors that enhances the overall experience. From appetizers that intrigue to desserts that delight, every dish is a work of art.

Unparalleled Entertainment

Immerse yourself in the world of our talented actors who bring each theme to life. Witness gripping performances, interact with intriguing characters, and become part of the story. Our Murder Mystery Dinners go beyond the traditional dinner theater, offering an immersive and interactive experience that will have you talking long after the night is over.

Perfect for All Occasions

Whether you're celebrating a special occasion, planning a team-building event, or simply seeking a unique night out, our Murder Mystery Dinners are the perfect choice. Customizable packages are available to cater to your specific needs, ensuring a personalized and unforgettable experience for you and your guests.


Join us on a journey where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary. Our Murder Mystery Dinner Themes in Guam offer a perfect blend of suspense, entertainment, and exquisite cuisine. Reserve your seat today and embark on an evening that transcends the boundaries of traditional dining, promising an experience that will linger in your memory long after the curtain falls. Discover the magic of mystery, where every clue leads to a delicious revelation.

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