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Author: Murder Mystery Dinner  Date: 17 September 2023

If a murder mystery dinner sounds strange, worry not. We will give you enough reasons to throw one! Read on..

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What happens in a murder mystery dinner?

You will step into a world that is fun (and maybe a little bit spooky). You may be required to wear a period-specific clothing, although this is not mandatory. You are to get into character and should follow the instructions so you can enjoy your evening. You’ll need to work with other guests to gather important clues keeping in mind that one of the guests will be the murderer. In that case, you’ll want to keep your secrets close to the vest and only share general information about your character. Get into character and really enjoy yourself. At the end of the evening, you’ll have a new story to tell your friends.

Where in Delaware can you hold a murder mystery dinner?

Hosting a murder mystery party at home is a fun idea. Nevertheless, you can also have an outdoor party, an office party, or even rent a place for the party!

Why a murder mystery dinner in Delaware would be a great idea.

This kind of party will make for an exciting, memorable evening with your family and friends. You are given a chance to play “Let’s pretend” and get lost in a world of mystery, blackmail, intrigue & treachery for just one night. A murder mystery party will provide a uniquely entertaining experience that you and your guests will never forget. The most important thing is to have fun and not take the murder mystery game too seriously. It is meant to be light-hearted and entertaining!

What are the steps to organize a murder mystery dinner?

Get your game from our links above.

Pick a date.

Choose a venue.

Plan to decorate and prepare meals/drinks that will match the theme.

Run your dinner!

What is the best murder mystery dinner party game?

For a team building event, our Farming Fatality is an awesome farming and chemical themed murder mystery game. It would be perfect for fun or a staff or safety training day. Facebook Fatality is the perfect theme for modern or lovers of tech.

What is the difference between murder mystery dinner party and clue themed dinner?

A murder mystery dinner party is a themed dinner, with a mysterious murder at the center of the story. Unlike a clue themed dinner, in a murder mystery dinner, your guests must work together to find the killer!

What edition can I get for a larger event?

We recommend Premium Edition – here’s why. This edition is perfect because your hired host will see to it that you and your guests will have a full night of entertainment. Guests will be put in groups to solve the crime and assuming they are clever (and lucky), they'll discover the identity and motive of the culprit.

Can I host a murder mystery dinner party at home?

Yes you can! The atmosphere is relaxed and casual and you can even go potluck!

Are your games like a Maggiano's murder mystery dinner?

In a way except that you can have your own mystery dinner party anywhere.

What happens if there are more guests?

Our games are designed to allow a range of numbers, e.g. 2 to 60. This way they are very flexible and so if people can't make it or you have extra people on the night it is very easy for them to join in.

Unraveling Intrigue: Murder Mystery Dinner in Delaware

Delaware, often celebrated for its rich history and charming coastal towns, offers more than just scenic beauty and historical landmarks. For those seeking an immersive and unique dining experience, Delaware presents an intriguing option: Murder Mystery Dinners. Combining the allure of mystery novels with the pleasures of fine dining, these events have become increasingly popular, drawing locals and tourists alike. In this narrative, we'll explore the world of Murder Mystery Dinners in Delaware, delving into their history, appeal, and the top venues where you can savor both a gourmet meal and a thrilling whodunit.

A Brief History of Murder Mystery Dinners

The concept of the murder mystery dinner can be traced back to the early 20th century, emerging as a form of interactive entertainment. These dinners originated in England as parlor games and evolved into scripted theatrical events. The format soon made its way across the Atlantic and began to gain popularity in the United States during the mid-20th century. Over the years, murder mystery dinners have transformed into a unique fusion of theater, dining, and social engagement.

Delaware's Murder Mystery Dinner Scene

Delaware, known for its picturesque landscapes and coastal escapes, might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of murder mysteries. However, this hidden gem on the East Coast has embraced the concept with open arms. Here, you can indulge in an evening of suspense, laughter, and delicious cuisine while attempting to solve a fictional crime.

What Sets our Murder Mystery Dinners in Delaware Apart?

  • Immersive Storytelling:
  • One of the key factors that make murder mystery dinners in Delaware so appealing is the immersive storytelling. Participants are not mere spectators; they become part of the narrative. As the plot unfolds, diners assume the roles of suspects, detectives, and witnesses, allowing them to fully engage with the story.
  • Unique Themes:
  • Delaware's murder mystery dinners come in a variety of themes, catering to diverse tastes. Whether you're interested in a classic whodunit in a historic setting or a more contemporary mystery set in a modern backdrop, there's a theme to suit every preference.
  • Gourmet Dining:
  • It's not just about solving the crime; it's also about savoring a delectable meal. Many venues in Delaware offer fine dining experiences as part of their murder mystery dinners. From multi-course gourmet dinners to themed culinary creations, your taste buds are in for a treat.

Top Murder Mystery Dinner Venues in Delaware

  • The Inn at Montchanin Village & Spa:
  • Nestled in the charming village of Montchanin, this historic inn hosts captivating murder mystery dinners in a serene and picturesque setting. Diners can enjoy a gourmet meal while trying to unravel oour well crafted mysteries in a vintage, elegant atmosphere.
  • The Old State House:
  • Located in Dover, the state capital of Delaware, The Old State House offers an immersive historical murder mystery experience. Step back in time and become part of an intriguing plot set against the backdrop of this historic building.
  • The Green Room at the Hotel du Pont:
  • Wilmington's Hotel du Pont is renowned for its luxury, and The Green Room takes that reputation a step further by hosting murder mystery dinners that are as opulent as they are entertaining. Enjoy a sumptuous dinner and become a detective for the evening in this grand setting.
  • Delaware Theatre Company:
  • For those who prefer a more theatrical approach, the Delaware Theatre Company in Wilmington often hosts interactive murder mystery productions. These events combine the thrill of live theater with the excitement of solving a crime.
  • Private Events and Catering:
  • Some companies and caterers in Delaware specialize in organizing private murder mystery dinners for corporate events, birthdays, or special occasions. By using our Custom Made Murder Mystery themes, these hosts guarantee an experience that will suit your preferences and location.

The Experience

A murder mystery dinner in Delaware typically begins with guests receiving character assignments, which include background information, motives, and secrets. These characters play a crucial role in the unfolding drama, as everyone becomes a potential suspect. As the dinner progresses, scripted scenes and interactions lead to the revelation of clues and motives.

Participants must pay close attention to details, question their fellow diners, and scrutinize the evidence to piece together the puzzle. The event usually culminates in a dramatic reveal, where the murderer is unmasked, and the motive is unveiled.

The appeal of the experience lies in the sense of camaraderie it fosters among participants. Strangers become allies or adversaries in their quest for the truth, creating a unique opportunity for social interaction and teamwork.

A Taste of Delaware's Culinary Delights

Delaware's murder mystery dinners not only provide thrilling narratives but also offer a chance to savor the state's culinary delights. Many venues partner with renowned chefs to craft menus that complement the evening's theme. From seafood feasts inspired by the coast to farm-to-table creations highlighting Delaware's agricultural heritage, the dining aspect of these events is a gastronomic journey in itself.


Murder mystery dinners in Delaware offer a distinctive fusion of entertainment, fine dining, and social engagement. Whether you're a seasoned detective or a first-time sleuth, these events promise an evening filled with suspense, laughter, and culinary delights. As Delaware continues to embrace this unique form of entertainment, murder mystery dinners are likely to remain a beloved tradition, drawing both locals and visitors into the captivating world of crime-solving over a delicious meal. So, if you're seeking a thrilling and memorable experience in the First State, don your detective hat and indulge in a Murder Mystery Dinner in Delaware.

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