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Author: Murder Mystery Dinner  Date: 10 December 2020

A murder mystery dinner is a killer opportunity to have great food, great wine and spend a murderous night with friends, family or colleagues. Your dinner can be casual such as a backyard BBQ or formal, perhaps a 1920s sit down dinner with Al Capone and his friends.

From ribs to a banquet a thriller mystery game like this will get your guests mingling, getting to know each other and having a wonderful time. Your friends will sleuth and swindle their way to fame and fortune as they solve one of our cliff hanger games.

What Murder Mystery Dinner Games Do You Have

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Mini Murder Mystery Dinner F.A.Q.

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Murder Mystery Dinner 1920s

Part 1 - What are the four best ways to run a murder mystery dinner?

  1. Play your murder mystery game before eating.
  2. Run your murder mystery party after eating.
  3. Have finger food, grazing plates and other nibbles so you can eat while you play.
  4. Have a formal or casual sit down murder mystery dinner.

1) Play your murder mystery game before eating.

It is a great idea to run your murder mystery game before you eat. There are a couple of benefits for this. The murder mystery game becomes the primary focus and it doesn't have to compete with dinner. If you play before dinner then your guests will have lots of energy and shouldn't have had too much alcohol to drink. If you do it early enough then there will be plenty of natural sunlight and your decorations, venue and costumes will look awesome. If your guests aren't tired then they should get right into the action.

2) Run your murder mystery party after eating.

Once your guests have eaten and had a few drinks they will be in a festive mood and ready for some murderous action. They have gotten their mingling out of the way and their competitive juices can start flowing. As with playing before you eat, the murder mystery party becomes a primary focus and doesn't compete with dinner.

3) Have finger food, grazing plates and other nibbles so you can eat while you play.

This is a great idea and saves on the need for chairs, tables, plates and proper cutlery. You can use disposable options like paper plates or you can put out platters so that people can pick food straight off them. Because the food is just there, the murder mystery dinner doesn't have to stop at any point. People can eat, drink, play the murder mystery game and be merry all at the same time.

4) Have a formal or casual sit down murder mystery dinner.

If you have a big yard, a marquis or you have booked a professional dinner venue then holding your murder mystery dinner over, well, dinner is a brilliant way to go. Your guests can enjoy a classy venue, high quality food and wine and have a murderous good time.

If you are hosting the murder mystery dinner at home then it is pretty easy. Most murder mystery dinner games come with recommendations e.g. serve starters then give out round 1 clues etc. Build the game around the food or vice versa.

At a professional venue, you will have to plan a few things out though. For example, if you are doing an activity or playing a game that involves all of your guests, you won't want to do this while waiters and waitresses are trying to bring food out. You will have to find out the schedule and negotiate with the venue about timing.

Murder Mystery Dinner Party

Part 2 - What do you need to host a murder mystery dinner?

Food and drink is obvious but you will need to think about some other items.

  1. Venue, seating and tables
  2. Food, drink and menu
  3. Food service
  4. Decorations
  5. A host to run your murder mystery dinner
  6. A murder mystery game to play

1) Venue, seating and tables

If you go to a restaurant or other public venue, make sure it has a private space for your event because a murder mystery dinner can get a bit rowdy. Your guests will need to hear each other so don't pick somewhere too loud or that has bands or music.

Higher Cost - Every US town and city will have a myriad of venues for hire from restaurants to function centers. You can save some effort and go to a restaurant that will have rooms, tables etc. ready to go. If you want to go all out, then you could hire a marquee or a hall and organize tables, chairs etc. separately.

Budget Option - Have the dinner at home, a friend's house or at work but make sure you have enough chairs.

2) Food, drink and menu

Higher Cost - Go to a restaurant or function center or get a catering company to come and provide the food and drink.

Budget Option - Get the BBQ out, order pizza and perhaps ask guests to bring their own drinks.

3) Food service

Higher Cost - Catering companies will provide wait staff that can take food around to your guests.

Budget Option - Asks a friend or family member to help. Moms and aunties are particularly good at this. Instead of playing the game they can heat up and bring food out for everyone. Preparing food will be a full job for at least 1 person.

4) Decorations

Higher Cost - There are many decoration services around that will theme up your venue and make it look amazing. You can also buy decorations online to bling your scene.

Budget Option - Google or go on Instagram or Pinterest. There are thousands of easy do-it-yourself ideas to decorate your murder mystery dinner without spending much money.

5) A host to run your murder mystery dinner

Higher Cost - Our website lists a range of outstanding hosts in your area.

Budget Option - You, a friend or family member can take on the role of being the host for the night.

6) A murder mystery game to play

Higher Cost - Custom written murder mystery games can give you the exact experience you want but they do cost a bit more.

Budget Option - Pre-written murder mystery dinner games are a cost effective way to get a murderous dinner kit on its way, ready for your big night.

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